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Is Bluehost reliable? Bluehost Uptime Stats

Bluehost claims to have unbeatable technology, optimized hosting for wordpress, and genuine support. They have been around since 2003 and hosts over 2 million websites worldwide. Their data centers are located in Provo, Utah.

I have purchased a hosting plan on Bluehost and set up a typical web site. I use that example website to run these tests. Learn more about how I test.

Here's the plan information I chose:

Plan NameBasic Shared
Disk Space50 GB
Uptime GuaranteeNone
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
NotesSite was ready within minutes after I purchased. Although when I signed up I was under the impression it was a monthly plan, but it was billed annually (at $83.40). They have called and left me several messages to 'verify' my account, but when I call back I'm placed on hold (so I hang up). I'm assuming they're just trying to upsell me, or my account will forever be in 'unverified' status.

Uptime Test

This test is performed by measuring the % uptime of a host. Higher is better.

I use Pingdom to report website uptime. Pingdom is configured to make an HTTP request to the host every minute, and report if it is unreachable. It'll also report an error if the host takes longer than 30 seconds to respond (Yes, that's not actually down, but if your site takes that long to respond it is unusable in my opinion). Pingdom performs this test from at least 3 servers worldwide, and reports a problem if 2/3 servers do no respond.

This test is important if you are concerned about the reliability of your web host (this is important!)

Measuring uptime with Pingdom

Bluehost Uptime Test Results

Bluehost (full benchmark) performs mediocre in the Uptime test, with an average result of 99.92 percent. Its best run was 100.00 %, but has been as bad as 84.93 %. Bluehost's most recent result on Jul 20 was 100.00 percent. Bluehost had a terrible day back in August that's bringing their average uptime way down. Other than that they're usually pretty reliable.

Let's see if Bluehost is consistent in its uptime stats:

Recent Raw Results for Bluehost

Date Uptime Downtime Outages Avg Response Time
2017-07-20100.000 %0 mins0613 ms
2017-07-19100.000 %0 mins0619 ms
2017-07-18100.000 %0 mins0564 ms
2017-07-17100.000 %0 mins0575 ms
2017-07-16100.000 %0 mins0555 ms
2017-07-15100.000 %0 mins0551 ms
2017-07-14100.000 %0 mins0579 ms
2017-07-13100.000 %0 mins0583 ms
2017-07-12100.000 %0 mins0555 ms
2017-07-11100.000 %0 mins0707 ms
2017-07-10100.000 %0 mins0948 ms
2017-07-09100.000 %0 mins0945 ms
2017-07-08100.000 %0 mins0864 ms
2017-07-07100.000 %0 mins0899 ms
2017-07-06100.000 %0 mins0857 ms
2017-07-05100.000 %0 mins0664 ms
2017-07-04100.000 %0 mins0612 ms
2017-07-03100.000 %0 mins0617 ms
2017-07-02100.000 %0 mins0590 ms
2017-07-01100.000 %0 mins0613 ms
2017-06-30100.000 %0 mins0618 ms
2017-06-29100.000 %0 mins0551 ms
2017-06-28100.000 %0 mins0621 ms
2017-06-27100.000 %0 mins0585 ms
2017-06-26100.000 %0 mins0592 ms
2017-06-25100.000 %0 mins0570 ms
2017-06-24100.000 %0 mins0610 ms
2017-06-23100.000 %0 mins0600 ms
2017-06-22100.000 %0 mins0564 ms
2017-06-2199.722 %4 mins1625 ms
2017-06-20100.000 %0 mins0652 ms
2017-06-19100.000 %0 mins0646 ms
2017-06-18100.000 %0 mins0596 ms
2017-06-1798.611 %20 mins1607 ms
2017-06-16100.000 %0 mins0623 ms
2017-06-15100.000 %0 mins0599 ms
2017-06-14100.000 %0 mins0624 ms
2017-06-13100.000 %0 mins0621 ms
2017-06-12100.000 %0 mins0596 ms
2017-06-1199.861 %2 mins1629 ms
2017-06-1099.583 %6 mins3631 ms
2017-06-0999.722 %4 mins1623 ms
2017-06-08100.000 %0 mins0653 ms
2017-06-0799.861 %2 mins1680 ms
2017-06-0699.514 %7 mins1642 ms
2017-06-05100.000 %0 mins0608 ms
2017-06-04100.000 %0 mins0613 ms
2017-06-03100.000 %0 mins0614 ms
2017-06-02100.000 %0 mins0619 ms
2017-06-0198.611 %20 mins4682 ms
2017-05-31100.000 %0 mins0648 ms
2017-05-30100.000 %0 mins0590 ms
2017-05-29100.000 %0 mins0586 ms
2017-05-28100.000 %0 mins0615 ms
2017-05-27100.000 %0 mins0590 ms
2017-05-26100.000 %0 mins0592 ms
2017-05-25100.000 %0 mins0643 ms
2017-05-24100.000 %0 mins0594 ms
2017-05-23100.000 %0 mins0579 ms
2017-05-22100.000 %0 mins0538 ms
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