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Is GoDaddy fast? GoDaddy Page Speed Stats

GoDaddy claims to have fast, secure, and reliable hosting. They were created in 1999 and now host over a million websites. They have data centers throughout the US, primarily in Arizona.

I have purchased a hosting plan on GoDaddy and set up a typical web site. I use that example website to run these tests. Learn more about how I test.

Here's the plan information I chose:

Plan NameDeluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel
Disk SpaceUnlimited
Uptime Guarantee99.9%
Money-Back Guarantee45 days
NotesSite was ready within minutes after I purchased.

Page Speed Test

This test measures the total time it takes to load a standard web page. Lower is better.

This test is performed by submitting a typical web page served on the host to WebPageTest and recording how long it takes to load. This test web page is 56 KB of HTML, 287 KB of JavaScript, 51 KB of CSS, and 1,128 KB of images (these are typical according to the HTTP Archive). WebPageTest (a 3rd-party, vendor-neutral organization) uses servers located in Virgina and California to measure the page load waterfall in the latest version of Chrome, on a very fast internet connection. The test is ran 5 times each, and the middle (median) result is what is counted from each location. Then the east coast and west coast times are averaged, which should eliminate any bias due to server location. We're interested in first page load, not the repeat/cached view.

If you're really interested, I use the 'Load Time' measurement that's returned from WebPageTest for ranking page speed. I still collect other metrics such as TTFB (time to first byte), fully loaded time, and the speed index, in addition to server setting scores which are translated to grades. You can see these detailed values in the "Raw Results."

This test is important if your site resembles a typical website and you're concerned about speed (which you should be!)

Measuring page speed with WebPageTest.org

In September 2014 I updated this test to be more accurate, and you'll notice page speeds were a bit higher before then. The test used to be run only 3 times from one location using a simulated cable internet connection on Internet Explorer 11. The new method provides much more consistent results.

GoDaddy Page Speed Test Results

GoDaddy (full benchmark) performs stellar in the Page Speed test, with an average result of 3.05 seconds. Its best run was 0.31 s, but has been as bad as 37.97 s. GoDaddy's most recent result on Jul 21 was 2.64 seconds. GoDaddy consistently has very fast page load speeds. I'm attributing this to the fact that they have a stellar Hosting Optimization team, headed by Dave Koopman. He actually reached out to me after seeing this site to not only give me kudos for doing this, but offer additional testing resources (which at the moment I am not using). Regardless, he's pretty passionate about their hosting performance and their stats prove it.

Let's see if GoDaddy is consistent in its page speed stats:

Recent Raw Results for GoDaddy

Date Location Load time TTFB Fully loaded Speed index Keep-alive Score Compress Score Caching Score
2017-07-21Dulles, VA3.1s0.4s3.2s1.4sAAF
2017-07-21San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-07-20Dulles, VA3.0s0.4s3.2s1.6sAAF
2017-07-20San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-07-19Dulles, VA2.8s0.3s3.0s1.3sAAF
2017-07-19San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-07-18Dulles, VA3.7s0.5s3.8s2.2sAAF
2017-07-18San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.2s1.2sAAF
2017-07-17Dulles, VA2.8s0.4s3.0s1.5sAAF
2017-07-17San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.4s1.4sAAF
2017-07-16Dulles, VA3.4s0.3s3.6s1.4sAAF
2017-07-16San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-07-15Dulles, VA2.9s0.4s3.1s1.5sAAF
2017-07-15San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-07-14Dulles, VA3.1s0.4s3.2s1.5sAAF
2017-07-14San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.5sAAF
2017-07-13Dulles, VA3.0s0.3s3.1s1.4sAAF
2017-07-13San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.4sAAF
2017-07-12Dulles, VA3.0s0.3s3.2s1.5sAAF
2017-07-12San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.3sAAF
2017-07-11Dulles, VA3.0s0.3s3.1s1.4sAAF
2017-07-11San Jose, CA2.3s0.3s2.4s1.4sAAF
2017-07-10Dulles, VA3.1s0.3s3.2s1.5sAAF
2017-07-10San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.1sAAF
2017-07-09Dulles, VA3.5s0.5s3.6s1.9sAAF
2017-07-09San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.4sAAF
2017-07-08Dulles, VA3.0s0.4s3.1s1.6sAAF
2017-07-08San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-07-07Dulles, VA2.9s0.4s3.0s1.5sAAF
2017-07-07San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.3sAAF
2017-07-06Dulles, VA2.6s0.4s2.7s1.1sAAF
2017-07-06San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-07-05Dulles, VA2.6s0.4s2.7s1.3sAAF
2017-07-05San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-07-04Dulles, VA2.6s0.3s2.7s1.2sAAF
2017-07-04San Jose, CA2.3s0.2s2.4s1.4sAAF
2017-07-03Dulles, VA2.8s0.3s2.9s1.2sAAF
2017-07-03San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.3sAAF
2017-07-02Dulles, VA2.6s0.3s2.7s1.3sAAF
2017-07-02San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-07-01Dulles, VA2.9s0.4s3.1s1.5sAAF
2017-07-01San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-06-30Dulles, VA2.7s0.4s2.8s1.3sAAF
2017-06-30San Jose, CA2.3s0.2s2.3s1.4sAAF
2017-06-29Dulles, VA2.8s0.3s2.9s1.6sAAF
2017-06-29San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-06-28Dulles, VA2.6s0.3s2.8s1.3sAAF
2017-06-28San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.4sAAF
2017-06-27Dulles, VA2.7s0.3s2.9s1.4sAAF
2017-06-27San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-06-26Dulles, VA2.7s0.2s2.8s1.0sAAF
2017-06-26San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-06-25Dulles, VA2.9s0.3s3.0s1.5sAAF
2017-06-25San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
2017-06-24Dulles, VA2.6s0.3s2.7s1.1sAAF
2017-06-24San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.3sAAF
2017-06-23Dulles, VA3.0s0.3s3.2s1.5sAAF
2017-06-23San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.2s1.2sAAF
2017-06-22Dulles, VA2.5s0.4s2.7s1.2sAAF
2017-06-22San Jose, CA2.2s0.2s2.3s1.2sAAF
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