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Is GoDaddy reliable? GoDaddy Uptime Stats

GoDaddy claims to have fast, secure, and reliable hosting. They were created in 1999 and now host over a million websites. They have data centers throughout the US, primarily in Arizona.

I have purchased a hosting plan on GoDaddy and set up a typical web site. I use that example website to run these tests. Learn more about how I test.

Here's the plan information I chose:

Plan NameDeluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel
Disk SpaceUnlimited
Uptime Guarantee99.9%
Money-Back Guarantee45 days
NotesSite was ready within minutes after I purchased.

Uptime Test

This test is performed by measuring the % uptime of a host. Higher is better.

I use Pingdom to report website uptime. Pingdom is configured to make an HTTP request to the host every minute, and report if it is unreachable. It'll also report an error if the host takes longer than 30 seconds to respond (Yes, that's not actually down, but if your site takes that long to respond it is unusable in my opinion). Pingdom performs this test from at least 3 servers worldwide, and reports a problem if 2/3 servers do no respond.

This test is important if you are concerned about the reliability of your web host (this is important!)

Measuring uptime with Pingdom

GoDaddy Uptime Test Results

GoDaddy (full benchmark) performs incredibly in the Uptime test, with an average result of 99.96 percent. Its best run was 100.00 %, but has been as bad as 94.72 %. GoDaddy's most recent result on Jul 20 was 100.00 percent. GoDaddy has shown rocky uptimes when you first start hosting with them, however after a month things become pretty stable. Their tech team reached out to me to explain that they think it only happens when new customers get added to the server and apache needs to restart - and after the server is full it does not need to reload as often. The stats I've collected seem to support this theory, and they claim they're working on a solution.

Let's see if GoDaddy is consistent in its uptime stats:

Recent Raw Results for GoDaddy

Date Uptime Downtime Outages Avg Response Time
2017-07-20100.000 %0 mins0382 ms
2017-07-19100.000 %0 mins0343 ms
2017-07-18100.000 %0 mins0331 ms
2017-07-17100.000 %0 mins0394 ms
2017-07-16100.000 %0 mins0428 ms
2017-07-15100.000 %0 mins0410 ms
2017-07-14100.000 %0 mins0387 ms
2017-07-13100.000 %0 mins0407 ms
2017-07-12100.000 %0 mins0402 ms
2017-07-11100.000 %0 mins0429 ms
2017-07-10100.000 %0 mins0422 ms
2017-07-09100.000 %0 mins0437 ms
2017-07-08100.000 %0 mins0426 ms
2017-07-07100.000 %0 mins0401 ms
2017-07-06100.000 %0 mins0378 ms
2017-07-05100.000 %0 mins0440 ms
2017-07-04100.000 %0 mins0444 ms
2017-07-03100.000 %0 mins0452 ms
2017-07-02100.000 %0 mins0440 ms
2017-07-01100.000 %0 mins0444 ms
2017-06-30100.000 %0 mins0413 ms
2017-06-2999.722 %4 mins1412 ms
2017-06-28100.000 %0 mins0417 ms
2017-06-27100.000 %0 mins0396 ms
2017-06-26100.000 %0 mins0427 ms
2017-06-25100.000 %0 mins0436 ms
2017-06-24100.000 %0 mins0432 ms
2017-06-23100.000 %0 mins0446 ms
2017-06-22100.000 %0 mins0499 ms
2017-06-21100.000 %0 mins0467 ms
2017-06-20100.000 %0 mins0448 ms
2017-06-19100.000 %0 mins0410 ms
2017-06-18100.000 %0 mins0406 ms
2017-06-17100.000 %0 mins0414 ms
2017-06-16100.000 %0 mins0420 ms
2017-06-15100.000 %0 mins0396 ms
2017-06-14100.000 %0 mins0393 ms
2017-06-13100.000 %0 mins0404 ms
2017-06-12100.000 %0 mins0379 ms
2017-06-11100.000 %0 mins0378 ms
2017-06-10100.000 %0 mins0389 ms
2017-06-09100.000 %0 mins0381 ms
2017-06-08100.000 %0 mins0378 ms
2017-06-07100.000 %0 mins0380 ms
2017-06-06100.000 %0 mins0369 ms
2017-06-05100.000 %0 mins0386 ms
2017-06-04100.000 %0 mins0410 ms
2017-06-03100.000 %0 mins0430 ms
2017-06-02100.000 %0 mins0458 ms
2017-06-01100.000 %0 mins0496 ms
2017-05-31100.000 %0 mins0426 ms
2017-05-30100.000 %0 mins0417 ms
2017-05-29100.000 %0 mins0425 ms
2017-05-28100.000 %0 mins0428 ms
2017-05-27100.000 %0 mins0417 ms
2017-05-26100.000 %0 mins0437 ms
2017-05-25100.000 %0 mins0468 ms
2017-05-24100.000 %0 mins0418 ms
2017-05-2399.722 %4 mins1380 ms
2017-05-22100.000 %0 mins0390 ms
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