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Is Yahoo Small Business reliable? Yahoo Small Business Uptime Stats

Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting is known for their simple site design tools make it easy to create your own website.

I have purchased a hosting plan on Yahoo Small Business and set up a typical web site. I use that example website to run these tests. Learn more about how I test.

Here's the plan information I chose:

Plan NameAdvanced
Disk Space500GB
Uptime Guarantee99.9%
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
NotesTheir setup process was the most frustrating. They forced me to create a YahooID, tried to transfer my domain from my registrar to them, and my admin panel was disabled for an hour due to an error that magically went away. Also you have to manually install phpMyAdmin, and look up FTP instructions on your own. This was after upgrading from their Basic plan because it didn't support FTP (what plan doesn't have FTP?!)

Uptime Test

This test is performed by measuring the % uptime of a host. Higher is better.

I use Pingdom to report website uptime. Pingdom is configured to make an HTTP request to the host every minute, and report if it is unreachable. It'll also report an error if the host takes longer than 30 seconds to respond (Yes, that's not actually down, but if your site takes that long to respond it is unusable in my opinion). Pingdom performs this test from at least 3 servers worldwide, and reports a problem if 2/3 servers do no respond.

This test is important if you are concerned about the reliability of your web host (this is important!)

Measuring uptime with Pingdom

Yahoo Small Business Uptime Test Results

Yahoo Small Business (full benchmark) performs pretty poorly in the Uptime test, with an average result of 99.78 percent. Its best run was 100.00 %, but has been as bad as 82.78 %. Yahoo Small Business's most recent result on Apr 29 was 100.00 percent. Yahoo started out strong with their reliability, but tanked in November. Several outages lasting hours at a time - almost every day for two weeks straight. Unless they get their act together fast, I'd be careful with Yahoo.

Let's see if Yahoo Small Business is consistent in its uptime stats:

Recent Raw Results for Yahoo Small Business

Date Uptime Downtime Outages Avg Response Time
2017-04-29100.000 %0 mins0774 ms
2017-04-28100.000 %0 mins0790 ms
2017-04-27100.000 %0 mins0822 ms
2017-04-2699.861 %2 mins1886 ms
2017-04-25100.000 %0 mins0883 ms
2017-04-24100.000 %0 mins0902 ms
2017-04-23100.000 %0 mins0863 ms
2017-04-22100.000 %0 mins0723 ms
2017-04-21100.000 %0 mins0833 ms
2017-04-20100.000 %0 mins0896 ms
2017-04-1999.931 %1 mins1779 ms
2017-04-18100.000 %0 mins0928 ms
2017-04-17100.000 %0 mins0881 ms
2017-04-16100.000 %0 mins0868 ms
2017-04-15100.000 %0 mins0896 ms
2017-04-14100.000 %0 mins0803 ms
2017-04-13100.000 %0 mins0699 ms
2017-04-12100.000 %0 mins0811 ms
2017-04-11100.000 %0 mins0800 ms
2017-04-10100.000 %0 mins0877 ms
2017-04-09100.000 %0 mins0819 ms
2017-04-08100.000 %0 mins0721 ms
2017-04-07100.000 %0 mins0751 ms
2017-04-06100.000 %0 mins0863 ms
2017-04-05100.000 %0 mins0863 ms
2017-04-04100.000 %0 mins0765 ms
2017-04-03100.000 %0 mins0864 ms
2017-04-02100.000 %0 mins0866 ms
2017-03-2999.306 %10 mins10951 ms
2017-03-28100.000 %0 mins0918 ms
2017-03-27100.000 %0 mins0788 ms
2017-03-2698.403 %23 mins19887 ms
2017-03-2599.931 %1 mins1791 ms
2017-03-24100.000 %0 mins01015 ms
2017-03-23100.000 %0 mins0840 ms
2017-03-22100.000 %0 mins01050 ms
2017-03-21100.000 %0 mins01009 ms
2017-03-20100.000 %0 mins0992 ms
2017-03-19100.000 %0 mins0928 ms
2017-03-18100.000 %0 mins0967 ms
2017-03-17100.000 %0 mins01027 ms
2017-03-16100.000 %0 mins0893 ms
2017-03-15100.000 %0 mins0797 ms
2017-03-14100.000 %0 mins0935 ms
2017-03-13100.000 %0 mins0712 ms
2017-03-1299.931 %1 mins1858 ms
2017-03-1199.931 %1 mins1975 ms
2017-03-10100.000 %0 mins0759 ms
2017-03-09100.000 %0 mins0969 ms
2017-03-08100.000 %0 mins0907 ms
2017-03-07100.000 %0 mins0963 ms
2017-03-06100.000 %0 mins01025 ms
2017-03-0599.931 %1 mins1825 ms
2017-03-04100.000 %0 mins0861 ms
2017-03-03100.000 %0 mins0786 ms
2017-03-02100.000 %0 mins0983 ms
2017-03-01100.000 %0 mins0986 ms
2017-02-28100.000 %0 mins0906 ms
2017-02-2799.861 %2 mins1920 ms
2017-02-26100.000 %0 mins0999 ms
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